Ultrabooks: Netbooks, Notebooks and Tablets that will have users trembling with delight (Page4) ( 3 Comments)

Ultrabooks: Netbooks, Notebooks and Tablets that will have users trembling with delight

The Swimmer


This is just a very simple example of to the extremities manufacturers will venture to, to make their Android tablets stand out amongst the many available: Fujitsus 10-inch tablet is completely waterproof. Fujitsu’s unnamed dual-core Android tablet can be dunked in water without protective help from external cases. It probably won’t get released anytime soon — Fujitsu would say only that it’s in discussion with wireless carriers. But the simple fact that this tablet exists makes me excited for a waterproof future in which we can accidentally drop our gadgets in the toilet with minimal consequence. 

The Svelte One


Toshiba’s Excite X10 measures just 0.3 in. thick, making it the slimmest Android tablet yet. Performance wasn’t as smooth as I’d like, but it’s a beautiful piece of hardware that even rests comfortably in one hand. It’s launching in February for $529 with 16 GB of storage, or $599 with 32 GB.

The Gamer


Known for the time being simply as Project Fiona, Razer’s concept tablet comes fused with a pair of game controllers on either side, each with a thumb stick, four face buttons, triggers and a bumper button. Razer plans to turn the concept into a Windows 8 tablet that can play high-end PC games, and the company will be gathering feedback to figure out things like thickness vs. performance and whether the controllers should be detachable. A finished product should be out by year’s end.

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