The way to make work iTunes Home Sharing in iOS 4.3 ( 2 Comments)

March 11th was the date that the newest iOS update iOS 4.3 was released. The very much hyped up iPad 2 was also released on this date. iTunes Home Sharing is one of the main features, this enables users to share music, podcasts, movies and more from PC to iOS device. I was probably the most excited about the 4.3 feature as I don’t own an AppleTV or an iPad as of yet. Although, when i installed the GM that was released last Thursday, I was trying to work iTunes Home Sharing and it was not really easy figuring out how to do so. If the same thing is the case for an iOS developer, I’m sure there will be lots of other users who will be very confused when they install the iOS update on Friday wanting to share their media libraries straight away. We will show you the way to do this. So this is how to work iTunes Home Sharing in iOS 4.3.

First and foremost: Install iOS 4.3
If you didn't realise until now, iOS 4.3 is required to enable iTunes Home Sharing.

The first step: Install iTunes 10.2
Even though it is very obvious, this is the step i had forgotten to mention. I have Software Update set to Manual because i am aware of when major updates are released and don't want to constantly be bothered by notifications of this. Well let's move on, run Software Update and install iTunes 10.2, it is for sure required to enable iTunes Home Sharing.

The second step: Enable Home Sharing in iTunes

The first thing i immediately thought of when thinking of what to do in order to enable Home Sharing was to go to iTunes preferences, but i proved myself to be wrong in the end. In place of this, Apple has put Home Sharing in the “Advanced” menu as its own menu item. And there is also now an item under the “Sharing” heading in the left-side bar called “Home Sharing” which brings you to the same view. Here, you will have to sign-in or create an Apple ID (which everybody must have by now!) and click “Create Home Share.”
The third step: Enable Home Sharing on your iOS device

When my instinct turned out to be worng with iTunes immediately after that I tried to find a way to access my Home Share from my iPhone directly from the iPod app. Well it seems that you actually have to turn it on from the “Settings” app. Silly me! Under “iPod” Settings, there is now a “Home Sharing” heading, in where you will need to sign into your Apple ID once more. And you should also make sure that you are connected to the same WiFi network as your PC, while you’re still here.
The fourth step: Accessing your Home Share

Return to the iPod app on your iOS device and click on the “More” tab. Here you will be able to see a new heading titled “Shared” which lets you select between your iOS library or any Shared Libraries you have made work on your WiFi network. And there you have it!


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