The apt-named iPavement makes its mark in the sidewalk ( 2 Comments)

Don’t we all know how it feels to be in a foreign country that has no proper mobile internet connection. Although there are domestic options making it simpler to connect our devices overseas, Spanish company iPavement wants to help confused tourists and their equally confused devices by perfectly integrating hotspots into tiles -- which are seamlessly integrated into the ground. It is not apparent whether users will have open access to the entire world wide web, or only controlled info about the city, but the service is at least free to use. The 24kg (53lb) tiles are slightly larger than normal, installed a maximum of 20 meters (66 feet) from one another and only work at temperatures between -10 - 45 degrees Celsius (14 - 113 degrees Fahrenheit). Touristy cloud apps like maps, coupons, and traffic updates in various languages are also a part of the package, and you will be making it less obvious that you are a tourist without that enourmous map to Barcelona. The only thing left to do now is to leave that huge backpack at the hotel.

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i think it is realy difficle to be outside your home land but whereever we go we need respect from people whose you visit their country no matter who u are and where u from that is we need all over the world
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