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The second technique to be implemented after the “Farmer” technique is the “Hunter” technique.
Hunters as we all know, go hunting at certain times of the year, get their rifle and bullets and can come home with a lot of prizes or can spend their days out hunting, just wasting bullets and coming home empty handed (They can even end up being the hunted themselves but that’s a whole other  story). But the biggest problem here is if they don’t go out hunting that day, there is no chance for eating that night (this s in contrast to the farmer technique).

So what is this Hunter Technique?

• With the hunter technique, you choose a subject (Affiliate and Network Marketing), do the necessary research on this topic, and you become the Affiliate of the product you have chosen through intermediary companies (xbusiness, clickbank, plimus).
• You set yourself a budget and research paid advertisement places.
• You will commence work with the reference links given to you on the products you hae become an Affiliate of.
• To realize this you will have to go through media that uses paid advertisements such as “Google Adwords” an “Facebook”. There is a possibility of breaking even, making and even losing money with this technique.
• Lets just say you set aside 15 dollars for an ad campaign and if you made between 15-30 dollars from this campaign, you will continue with this endeavor. But if you were to make something under 15 dollars then you will have to start anew, whether you change your product or your strategy that is up to you. This will have been an experience for you, and through these types of experience, you will eventually become successful.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

There is only one advantage and that is that you will start making money  from the first month.
But along with this advantage there are many disadvantages like having a slight profit margin with a lot of initial investment, when your ads are removed so is your revenue and it is not a stable process. My advice would be to start with the “Farmer” technique and after having reached a certain income and level of experience to start with the “Hunter” technique.

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