October might be the arrival date for RIM's very first and long awaited BlackBerry 10! ( 1 Comments)

There's definitely no secret that there is at the moment a sense of urgency in Waterloo, but if a recent report from N4BB is true and accurate, it seems that both consumers and enterprises are bound to benefit.

The reason is that according to the site's confidential source, Research in Motion is in preparation to reveal the first ever BlackBerry 10 device in mid-August and will have the device in the hands of consumers by October, early-October we're hoping.

We had already known that RIM intends to have these units in the hands of developers next month, which gives slightest bit of validation to this most recent revelation. Although that last, rhyming sentence might have double-taking, when it comes to what consumers may expect, the first device is said to offer a simple touchscreen, so that means we'll need to wait until Q1 of next year to see a handset with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

As you'll recall, the company's ex-officer in charge, Mike Lazaridis, had previously stated that consumers wouldn't see a BlackBerry 10 device until the end of the year, but this was due entirely to a shortage of the chipset that RIM deemed absolutely critical to its manufacture. Perhaps Mr. Heins was able to get a bit of kindling alight under the company's partners or maybe they've come across a stroke of luck, surplus perhaps?

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