New Web Bowser Is Coming Soon ( 0 Comments)

Chinese searching giant Baidu has come to news with its giant investment about 1.6 billion$ to clouding storage services. CEO of Baidu Li Xinzhe did not give more information about this investment but he explained only that they will pay for some database systems and to rent employees

Baidu introduced its new web browser Baidu Mobile Browser with the investment. According to Company the new browser which will compate with Safari and Chrome has 20% higher performance than its competitors in Baidu’s tests. Baidu claims that users can watch all kind of high resolation videos without to need any plug-in.

Baidu expects 80% percent of users where in China  will use the new web browser end of the year. What a coincidence, the search giant's 80 percent market share in the country. Also this is mentioned among Baidu's plans is a online storage service and a map aplication

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