Man Sues Apple Over Misleading Advertisement! ( 1 Comments)

If you have bought an iPhone 4S hoping that Siri, Apple’s now world-famous (or notorious, however you look at it), will allow you to command your phone using nothing but your voice and be the “ultimate-assistant” you would need? If you have, are you disappointed by how it actually runs in real life?

That seems to be the case for Frank M. Fazio, the now famous New Yorker who is suing Apple for what he claims is a false advertising campaign. In a complaint filed with the U.S. District Court in San Jose, Fazio alleges that Siri in real life is nothing at all like the Siri we saw in Apple’s TV ads. Those ads show Siri booking appointments, finding restaurants and providing instructions on how to tie a tie and there are other viral videos depicting it doing other tasks, small and large and some others that are borderline hilarious (spoofs) and even they show Siri to do what is claimed by Apple.

Fazio, who is represented by the law firm Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, says that the ads are “fundamentally and designedly false and misleading” since Siri “does not perform as it is depicted in the ads.” He goes one step further, implying that, without Siri, the iPhone 4S is nothing but an over-advertised, overrated and more expensive iPhone 4.

Right after the iPhone 4S was released to the masses last autumn, Fazio says he picked one up (the 32 GB model) because he was amazed by the ads showing Siri to be a life-enhancing tool. Just a short while beyond that, however, he found it didn’t work as he expected it to. When Fazio asked Siri for driving directions, he says it either didn’t understand him or, after a long wait, responded with a completely irrelevant answer.

Fazio filed his suit as a class action — if others decide to sue Apple over Siri, they’ll all most likely join in on the same suit. An Apple spokesperson didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment.

Siri aside, Fazio’s claim that the iPhone 4S is just a more expensive iPhone 4 without the feature is wrong in its basis. The iPhone 4S has a dual-core processor, more storage and a redesigned antenna.

So it is an adequately improved version of its predecessor and, in the AT&T version, the data connection is much more rapid. In the iPhone 4, none of these features are available, so at least for that claim, Mr. Fazio, we can say is mistaken.
For the Siri claims though, I guess it all depends on personal experience with it, it has a successful answer rate of about 70% for me so I think it’s a great foundation for an amazing idea.

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