Making Money without Capital, Methods on Making Money on the Web ( 3 Comments)

Even though making money off the Internet without capital may seem appealing, it is not a very easy thing to do.
There are many ways to making money off the Internet. And if you want to make money, you need to use the right methods. I’ll explain this with a simile; if the Internet were a farm you would need to know which product to plant, how to maintain the farm and where you are going to sell this product. The same logic can be applied to the Internet.
Let’s say that you want to learn the “Affiliate Marketing” method and make money. Simply learning the method isn’t enough to make money. When deciding on this method you will need to find yourself a market in which to sell in and decide on who you want to sell product to. You will need to find a high selling item and sell accordingly and find out the best ways to advertize your product and plan rigorously.

You can promote your product by adding Sales Links to;

1- A blog. (,, etc.)
2- Articles. (Article sites)
3- Social networks (facebook, twitter, friendfeed etc.)
4- Video sharing sites (youtube, metacafe, dailymotion etc.)
You can publish pictures, banners and if available, videos of your product on your blog/s.  You can make accounts on social networks with the same name that you used on these blogs and be constantly in contact with your friends there. You can also add videos to video sharing sites and have links to your blogs there and then have the videos on your site. This way you will have the address to your site visible and help sell the products of the product owner.
Along with these you can write articles and if you have links to your blogs here you will see the benefits. The most important factor to writing articles is that they should never be an advertisement of a product but instead should be an informative piece on that product. If you have noticed, I haven’t advertized any products in this article, I have only shared information on how to make money on the Internet without capital.
We call the method that doesn’t involve capital, the farmer method. This means people who implement this method need to be patient, so if you are going to use this method you need to know that it involves patience and lots of it due to the fact that this method doesn’t involve advertising.

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