IPhone was most difficult device Which we have ever produced. ( 2 Comments)

What has a manager said about IPhone 5 phones from Foxconn that is manufacturer of IPhone 5?

An unnamed Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn manager has said that Apple's IPhone 5 ‘s combining is the hardest work that happened to the workers of the company.

The Name unknown Foxconn manager, iPhone 5 is due to the thin and light design is very complex and Foxconn said that so far the device combines the most challenging. Director, added: "It takes time to learn how to make the new device. Learned hard way. Of efficiencies is increasing every day. “

Foxconn manager, there were quality problems such as the emergence of the iPhone 5's in the box scratched agreed and said: "It is always difficult to meet both aesthetic and practical needs."

iPhone 5 iPhone screens stocks of the problem which until now was thought to stem from Sharp. However, the share of problems for Foxconn was apparently in this case.

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