Internet Will Be Forbidden ( 5 Comments)

It was known which they intend to forbid internet access already. There is their last step.

According to news where placed in press, Iran have been preparing to build its own internet network. According to Reuter’s news, Also Iran will prevent to Google access in a short time. If these two steps associated with each other or not is still doesn’t known.

An Iranian government deputy minister has announced that they are planning to use a local network instead Global Internet network. And he indicated that this step is a necessity to ensure cyber security. The government minister who  declared that all state agencies and
institutions have been connected this local network also said that they aim to put all Iran citizens in this international network.

Iran National Television channel announced Google search engine and its email service Gmail will be blocked in a short time. In this new an official who name is Khoramabadi has announced that “Google and Gmail are blocked until a second explanation through to Country”

The first excuse came from Iranian Students' News Agency, in their explanation is “these bans were caused by Google’s YouTube. Google YouTube has hosted the video of Innocence of Islam. But this claim is not proved yet.

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