Gmail Vs Outlook ( 1 Comments)

Additional Files and Storage Area

Outlook offers  alost  unlimited storage area and 100MB limit on additional files:
Outlook offers “unlimited” storage area. It means that your storage area limit increases by using unless you don't send spam messages from your Outlook email account. You can add to your emails files upto 100MB. If you use skydrive with your email, additional files Could be upto 300MB

Outlook provides a display like Hotmail view in your coming emails. Youtube videos could open inside emails and photos are shown in a slide show. Also you can open Office documents directly in your web browser

Gmail provides 10GB storage area and 25MB limit for additional files: Gmail's limitations are  much more limited compared to Outlook's. Gmail users have free 10GB storage area and 25 MB limit for their additional files.

Gmail can open Youtube videos inside emails as Outlook does. Similar to Outlook, Google opens  Office documents in Google Docs.Photos are not shown in a nice slide show as Outlook does, instead shown in a list.      

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